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Our business

We provide essential guidance and data-based strategic insights to professionals in fast-moving sectors focusing on consumer facing products. The areas we select to cover are in an opaque regulatory environment where businesses need to be on top of industry developments to make informed decisions and optimise their strategy.

Our team is made up of lawyers, economists and journalists. The team is based in London, Barcelona and New York, and enhanced by correspondents and contributors from around the world.

We are wholly independent of the sectors we cover, giving our clients access to frank and objective analysis that may not be available to other industry participants.

Industries we cover

  • Vaping sector covering e-cigarette and related products
  • Cannabis and cannabinoid sector and related products
  • Novel nicotine sector covering heated tobacco and nicotine related products

Key data analysis to navigate through opaque regulatory markets


Access to the most comprehensive, accurate and reliable market and regulatory intelligence available


Understand market developments globally and the impact of regulatory changes to different businesses


Reduce business risks by keeping up with product-specific regulatory obligations across the globe

Your global strategic partner


Our responsibility is to provide the most accurate information available through consolidated consistent methodology and research. We take pride in being a reliable and trusted partner


Having long-term expertise working on opaque developing markets allows us to interpret market developments efficiently and we constantly seek to improve and expand our knowledge base


We are not a passive resource. We provide relevant and actionable guidance to our clients to track performance, understand industry changes, identify investment ideas and optimise their business strategy


Our aim is to provide objective and impartial intelligence data. We are independent from the sector we cover giving our clients access to frank analysis often not available to other industry participants

Our services


Regular access to objective, independent and accurate market and regulator data analysis through various subscription plans.


Immediate access to market and regulatory data at your fingertips. Subscription reports can be available individually in our online store.


Customised research to solve specific needs that require deeper investigation aside from what is included in our subscription service.

Our brands


The leading provider of detailed global market and regulatory analysis, legal tracking, and quantitative data for the vaping sector worldwide


Your-one stop source of market and regulatory strategic data for the cannabis and cannabinoid markets


Your one-stop source of market and regulatory analysis, legal tracking, and quantitative data for the global tobacco and nicotine alternatives sector

Who we are

  • Tamarind Intelligence has been tirelessly pursuing industry dynamics and providing timely insight into the relevant topics and issues around NGP. Not just that the timely daily alerts on overall tobacco and alternatives, just gives us the confidence that we are on top of things. It is a wonderful association, looking forward to a meaningful tie-up in the days ahead.

    Vincent J, Technologist
    Vincent J, Technologist
  • CannIntelligence is the only source you will need for all your CBD and Cannabis queries. Congratulations on your anniversary; A great 10 years and surely much more to come!

    Maria Muscat, Senior Legal Counsel - Truevo
    Maria Muscat, Senior Legal Counsel - Truevo
  • Your platform has become our main source of tracking global intelligence. Every aspect of heated tobacco data and insights your platform provides is exactly what we need. Honestly, it's not easy to gather different countries’ information if without TobaccoIntelligence. We highly appreciate your detailed information on regulation, tax and price. And the prompt updates on datum surprise me most. We also want to thank you for the follow-ups on the TPD.

    Chrisy Wu, Marketing Executive - Broadfar
    Chrisy Wu, Marketing Executive - Broadfar
  • We use ECigIntelligence daily and we find it very useful. The invaluable information at our fingertips helps us stay current in the world of changes that could affect our business, as well as helps us strategize to better serve our customers in key markets throughout the globe.

    Jameson Rodgers, COO - Mad Hatter Juice
    Jameson Rodgers, COO - Mad Hatter Juice

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